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Pick 3 Super Delta Diamond System

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"Start Winning On Any Pick 3 State Lotto Now!"

Announcing, My Amazing New Pick-3 Lotto Discovery . . .

"Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System"

You Will Receive My Incredibly Simple New

Delta-Diamond Lotto Formula.

Find Out How I Can Help YOU Win Your Pick-3 Lottery. . .

Dear Friend,

If you are in need of an incredibly simple new formula to start cashing in big Pick-3/Cash-3 Lotto tickets in your state, then this may be the most exciting news you have ever received!

Here’s why:

I’m prepared to share with you my remarkable new Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System. And, it’s a winning breakthrough for those on a limited budget – yet, it’s absolutely 100% legal.

How? Please Listen Closely. You may consider this a well-kept, secret, but one thing is for sure – I have condensed nearly 8 years of hard-core statistical research into an easy-to-use Pick-3 System. It is designed to help you – the lottery player reduces the odds and makes a killing at all Pick-3 Lotto games.

If you are a regular lotto player (or just a casual one), my new system can provide you with the Most Incredible Winning Information available for the daily Pick-3 games.

I seriously doubt that you have ever seen anything quite like it. My new system is easy-to-read, easy-to-use, and easy-to-play at your favorite lottery location.

"New Discovery Provides Easy Access To

The Most Powerful Pick-3 Lotto Numbers"

Nearly 7 years ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table, going over the results of the evening Pick-3 Lotto drawings. I’d noticed some remarkable weekly occurrences develop that sparked my mathematical interest. I took these numbers, entered them into my computer and ran a linear regression test (this is a valuable statistics test in math that can help to reduce (or target) many numbers into a meaningful outcome).

Well, needless to say, the results almost blew me out of the room! For the next several years, I kept testing and testing (and improving my tests) but the test results told the real story – it was possible to lay out potential winning combinations, using no more than a simple, follow the numbers rule in my new – delta-diamond pattern.

After years of brainstorming, I had finally discovered the most powerful group of Pick-3 numbers. When these numbers are used in a simple new delta-diamond pattern, they can vastly reduce the odds in favor of the Pick-3/Cash-3 Lotto player. I have invested hundreds of hours entering this special information into a database on my computer, so that I can quickly and easily update these numbers to provide you with the best, up-to-the-minute information.

"The Truth About My Totally New and Mechanical Pick-3 Lotto System"

I’ve designed this system to take the guesswork out of finding winning numbers. When you receive my Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System, I think you will agree that there will be no more hassles to find your numbers. If you can follow the numbers in my simple delta-diamond charts, then there will be nothing but straight, easy Pick-3 plays.

Plus, with hundreds of hours of computerized testing, the Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System is designed to work in every state Pick-3 Lotto Game! Nothing could be easier and simpler with the powerful numbers I’m going to give you.

"The System Practically Knows What Numbers Will Pop Up Next…"

I have personally invested hundreds of hours of computer testing to help make this system the "best that it can be". In fact, my new Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System practically KNOWS what numbers will pop up next. It’s almost like having your own Crystal Ball!

If you can follow my simple instructions and line up numbers on a page, then you too can be on the road to 

Winning Big Sums of Money My system can vastly maximize your potential to win your state’s Pick-3 Lotto Jackpot.

"You Could Be The Next 3-In-A Row Winner –

But ONLY With This Powerful New System"

Don’t Delay Another Moment – I want you to be the Next 3-In-A-Row Pick-3 Lotto Winner. But, ONLY when you’ve got my powerful new system at your side, will you stand the best chance of winning the Pick-3 Lotto. If you’ve been waiting for your boat to come in, the Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System could be your golden passport to the winner’s promised land.

So, right now, your financial future – and your personal fortune – is virtually at your finger tips. You can have the opportunity to turn mere pocket change into thousands of dollars in daily winnings. Are you ready to get rich?!

"Works The Same in Every State Pick-3/Cash-3 Game"

It doesn’t matter whether you live on the east coast or out west – up north or down south; my new Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System works the same in every state Pick-3 Game. The rules don’t change one bit. In fact, the system can unleash a virtual flood of cash winnings – to fill your pockets!

In fact, when you see what I’m about to share, you might consider accusing me of having understated the system’s true winning potential. Just think for a minute – how would YOU like a new home – a luxury car – expensive clothes, a 50 foot yacht – all of these could be yours with a string of winning tickets!

"Fatten Your Bank Account With The Pick-3 Lotto Jackpot"

There is no question about it – winning the Lotto Jackpot can help to put you on "easy street". And, the Pick-3 Jackpots – with normally high odds can contain a very large pool of money.

Have you ever needed some extra cash to pay off bills or an outstanding loan? How about money to buy new clothes, a new car, or cash for a nice relaxing vacation.

Even just to buy something nice for yourself? There are so many ways that cash winnings can help you out.

Remember, the state lottery commission doesn’t care what you use the jackpot money for – as long as it is for a legal purpose. You could win the jackpot every week – and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

Let’s face it, you can continue to slave away at some lousy job - OR – You can get paid by the lottery every time you play and win! Simply start with a little pocket change – that’s all!

"100% Money-Back Guarantee"

I am totally confident that you will be able to win the Pick-3 Lotto using my new Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System. So, here’s my written 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy, you can return everything within 30 days and receive a complete 100% refund of your fee. With my 100% Money-Back Guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain – so don’t delay, send in your order today.

"Three (3) FREE Bonuses – But Only If You Respond in

The Next 10 Days"

If I receive your order within the next 10 days only, you will also Three (3) FREE Bonus sets of numbers. My Delta-Diamond Numbers for: Pick-4, Pick-5 and Pick-6 lotto. These special numbers alone could be worth thousands of dollars in winnings. You might even be the next jackpot winner in your state.

Yours For Hitting The Jackpot,

David A. Pugh

David A. Pugh

How To Order This Amazing System:

Print and fill out the Order Form.

Send Your Order Today to:

David Pugh

4342 Carolina Hwy.

Denmark, SC 29042

YES, David I can’t wait to start winning the lottery with your new system. Please rush me your Amazing New  Pick-3 Delta-Diamond System. Enclosed please find my check or money order of $24.95 (plus $4.00 Priority Mail Processing and Shipping) for a total of just $28.95. Please rush me your complete new system and my Three (3) FREE Bonuses if I’ve responded in 10 days. Please make money-order or check payable to: David Pugh. I understand I am covered with a 100% money back guarantee if I’m not satisfied.

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(Please Note: This system is NOT a Lottery nor an invitation to gamble - must be 18 or older to order.)


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